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Produced on RISC OS

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CD Rom fitting instructions (IDE)

Data Cable:

The enclosed ribbon cable replaces the existing Hard Disc Cable.

To fit the Data Cable, the shorter length of the new Ribbon Cable, running from the middle connector, should be folded at 90 degrees so it plugs into the Motherboard just like the original Hard Disc Cable.

The longer end will plug into the CD Rom Drive itself and will have to be folded at 90 degrees to sit correctly.

Sound Lead:

If you have a Mark 2 or Mark 3 Motherboard* machine or if you have an Audio Mixer, then the sound lead, if supplied, can be used to integrate CD Audio with Computer Audio.

To fit the sound lead, plug the four-way connector marked 'MPC' to the CD Rom Drive. The Audio socket on the Aztech and Panasonic Drives we supply are marked 'R(ight) G(round) G(round) L(eft)' on their sockets. (We recommend fitting the Red wire to the 'Right' Audio mark and the following sections assume this is the case).

Risc PC's running Risc OS 3.5 with an Audio Mixer, should plug the other end of the Audio lead into the white socket on the Audio Mixer, with the Red lead in the end marked '1'.

Risc PC's either Mark2 or Mark 3 motherboards* have an Audio Mixer built-in, so just connect the un-marked end to the socket on the Motherboard. It is a small white four-pin socket situated at the back of the computer, quite close to the PSU, under any expansion cards. The lead should plug in with the Red wire towards the front of the computer.

A7000's have an Audio Mixer built-in, so they need simply plugging in to the socket on the Motherboard, this is located near the back of the machine, on the very far right hand side (looking from the front) of the Motherboard. It is a little white socket with four pins. The Sound Lead should plug into here with the Red Wire towards the back of the machine.

Software to use the CD Rom Drive:

Systems running RiscOS 3.6 or newer have built in CD driver software, and need no installation. To configure the CD Rom Drive for use on these machines, run !Boot, and under the option for 'Discs' set CD Rom drives to One.

Older machines still running RiscOS 3.5 will need some form of IDE/ATAPI driver software installed, this software is available separately if required. Follow the instructions on the disc for software installation. Basically run the Installer program, and it will install itself into your !Boot file.

486/5x86 CD access:

To access the CD via PC486 card use the MSCDEX driver as supplied and documented in !PCx86 User Guide..

N.B. Any accompanying documentation included with the drive is supplied only for specification reference, and it refers to use in IBM type computers, it should be ignored.

* Mark 2/Mark 3 systems are supplied from the factory with Risc OS 3.6 or 3.7 and will have 16bit sound hardware on board. Systems upgraded to RiscOS3.6/3.7 will not necessarily have the required hardware.

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