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Font Directory Pro (2018 version)

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Product Title: Font Directory Pro (2018 version)
Manufacturer/Publisher: LOOK systems/Elesar
Stock Code: LOO-ELE-FDP
QuickCode: 14688
Format: email/Download
Product Group: Fonts and Font Utilities
Condition: New
Availability: Usually available from stock

Software supplied by email, printed manual by post.

Font Directory - Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Font Directory?
Highly acclaimed software designed to make light work of your font collection - a kind of advanced !Fonts folder.

Why would I want to manage my fonts?
If you have more than a handful of fonts, you will know how difficult it is to remember exactly which font is which and what they all look like. Navigating big font menus can be slow and cumbersome. Finding out which fonts are used in a particular document and where those fonts are stored can be difficult. Using font management software to control your font collection makes working with a large number of fonts much faster and easier than with the standard !Fonts folders.

What does Font Directory do?
Font Directory stores and manages your fonts. It allows you to keep all of your fonts in one place and very quickly "activate" the fonts you want to work with (keeping font menus much smaller). There is a WYSIWYG display and a font viewer which makes easy work of selecting the right font for the job. Ultra-fast document scanning makes sure that you never see the "font not found" message ever again.

* manage over 5900 font families
* reduce the disc space used to store fonts
* organise fonts into as many groups as you like
* switch individual fonts on/off instantaneously
* ultra-fast document scanning to activate the fonts used
* sophisticated font viewer with character maps and quick print facility
* really great looking WYSIWYG font list
* low memory usage
* very user friendly

Who wrote this software?
This software was originally written by Adrian Look and published by LOOKsystems. Stefan Bellon created a 26/32-bit neutral version so that Font Directory could run on XScale machines and now Elesar have updated it for the latest hardware.

What is the latest version?
The current release is Font Directory Professional v3.23 (24-Jun-2018).

Is there any documentation?
Yes, lots. The manual is in pdf format, along with lots of additional documentation.

What operating system does it run on?
Font Directory runs on RISC OS versions from 3.10 to 6.20 - including the latest 32-bit variants. It is compatible with StrongARM and XScale. No, it does not work on Apple Macs or Microsoft Windows!

Is it ARMv7/ARMv8 compatible?
Yes! Thanks to Stefan Bellon, the software has been brought up-to-date and is now 26/32-bit neutral.

What are the differences between FD2 and FDPro?
"How can you possibly improve on Font Directory 2?" I hear you say. By adding lots of extra features that just make using fonts even easier, of course!


* Remote Control Fonts - use the WYSIWYG display to control other applications
* Font Sets Editor - create unlimited font groups, by style, job, etc.
* Font Player - automatically view fonts one after another
* Ultra-fast Document Scanning - popular filetype are now scanned much faster
* Improved Searching - search-as-you-type is now more powerful
* Quick Printing - print out the contents of the font viewer window
* Custom WYSIWYG Display - use your own text in the WYSIWYG display
* Font Renaming - font renaming supported
* Font Checking - check you font collection for duds
* Exporting Fonts - exporting fonts quickly and easily

Do I need a site licence?
Look Systems software licence allow you to install the software, for personal use, on as many computers as you like within one household. If you are a commercial user, or have computers in separate locations, you will need to purchase an additional licence for each installation.

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