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pi-topRO Full Hardware & Software upgrade kit with !HID for pi-top v1

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Product Title: pi-topRO Full Hardware & Software upgrade kit with !HID for pi-top v1
Manufacturer/Publisher: Fourth Dimension
Stock Code: 4D-PITOP-UPKIT-F
QuickCode: 19814
Format: Hardware
Product Group: Raspberry Pi: Systems, Boards & Atrix Lapdock
Condition: New
Availability: Usually available from stock

If you have a pi-top and Pi already the pi-top RO Full Hardware & Software upgrade kit will upgrade it to full 'pi-top RO' specification.

Hardware included:
RTC + 40pin GPIO shim
Internal 'pi-top' speaker
Nano router with flat cables

The shim relies on a friction fit for contact and should be fitted once and never removed. If it is removed then to make reliable electrical contact the shim may need to be soldered to the Pi's GPIO pins. n.b. only the 3.3V, 0V, SDA and SCL lines are used by the RTC, but all lines are passed through by the shim.

Software included:
!PowerOff - Turns power off at shutdown
!SpkrSetup - To enable the speaker
!BatteryMon - Reports battery usage including estimated time left
!Brightness - Controls screen brightness
Custom MDF
Screensaver - turns screen power off
!HID with custom setup file

Including !HID offers the following benefits:
Emulates "Print", "Scroll Lock" and "Break"
Allows the three 'special keys' to be programmed
Gives volume control (in supported applications)
There are no keyboard LEDs, but !HID has an iconbar LEDs app

We are also hoping that !HID will be updated so that the effect of the Fn modifier key can be reversed. So that the top row works as function keys by default and multimedia keys when the Fn modifier key is used.

In order to register your copy of !HID, the machine ID of your Raspberry Pi is required. This can be found by running the ReadMac utility
e.g. 88 2A 9A EB 27 B8

n.b. You can buy pi-top RO upgrade kit hardware components separately if you don't need or want the speaker and/or RTC and/or Nano Router.

Note this is for the original pi-top v1, not the newer v2.

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