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Broadband NTE5 iPlate (interstitial plate)

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Product Title: Broadband NTE5 iPlate (interstitial plate)
Manufacturer/Publisher: Various
Stock Code: VAR-IPLATE
QuickCode: 16300
Format: Hardware
Product Group: Modems/DSL/ADSL/Telephony
Condition: New
Availability: Usually available from stock

An iPlate (interstitial plate) fits to a BT NTE5 master socket. Remove the faceplate from the master socket, fit the iPlate to the socket and then fit the original faceplate back to the iPlate using the longer screws supplied. Note that NTE5 master sockets with a BT OpenReach logo do not need an iPlate as these have one built in! Also NTE5 faceplates incorporating microfilters will not benefit from fitting an iPlate as it does the same job as an iPlate in addition to being a microfilter.

The iPlate is designed to reduce interference on your phone line with the aim of possibly increasing your broadband connection download speed, upload speed or both. How much increase you will experience depends on the quality of your line, distance from the exchange etc.. BT estimate that 7 out of 10 typical UK homes could benefit from fitting an iPlate. Speed improvements are typically 1.5MB/sec but this is not guaranteed.

As the effect can vary from location to location and the exchange can reportedly take up to three weeks to 'learn' the new line quality, we offer to supply you an iPlate for a month to try it out, if at the end of the month you don't want to keep the iPlate, return it (securely packaged) and we will refund you £7.

On a statistically insignificant sample size of three locations we found between 0% & 71% speed increase in download speed and between 0% & 55% speed increase in upload speed, we have also heard reports of speed reductions!

Location A, 1.5Km from exchange X
Previous download speed: 4704kbps (often previously about 6000kbps but not higher)
Download speed after fitting iPlate: 8064kbps (71% Improvement!)
Previous upload speed: 576kbps
Upload speed after fitting iPlate: 640kbps (11% Improvement)

Location B, 0.1Km from exchange Y
Previous download speed: 8128kbps
Download speed after fitting iPlate: 571kbps
Previous upload speed: 8128kbps (as expected)
Upload speed after fitting iPlate: 890kbps (55% Improvement!)

Brief test at
Location C, 1.2Km from exchange X
Download speed stayed at a paltry 3000kbps
upload speed nearly doubled to 1100kbps!

We were surprised at the immediate jump in speed we found, other people's experience may be different. If the iPlate is removed the speeds we found do not drop immediately, we suspect that it will drop gradually over the following few weeks as it relearns the different line quality.

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