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Dial Up 2 (S/H)

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Product Title: Dial Up 2 (S/H)
Manufacturer/Publisher: R-Comp
QuickCode: 16216
Format: Acorn 3.5
Product Group: Internet Software
Condition: Used
Availability: Usually available from stock

A dialup networking system to simplify Internet connectivity. Uses the same configuration files (.INS) that ISPs supply for Windows. Works with WebsterXL, Browse, Fresco, etc. Automatic disconnect after a mail/news transfer.

So, what's new in DialUp 2? Perhaps the largest new feature is the ability to map different internet accounts/providers/phone numbers to different times of the day. This allows DialUp to pick the correct internet account automatically when you dial out. The feature also allows you to map no account at all to a period of time, preventing access at certain times of the day. The software can now be locked, too, so that once configured, the settings can't easily be changed by little fingers!

Mail and news handling has seen a fair bit of attention - you can now easily, temporarily disable POP email boxes (eg. perhaps you want to access your work email only at weekends). Mail/news fetches can occur periodically when you are online, which can be useful if you are online for a long time, perhaps on a free-calls internet account. Another new feature of mail handling will be useful to people writing email online - you can now set DialUp to send email automatically when it is queued to go out. There are quick shortcuts to opening your incoming mail/news folders, as well as easy access to newsgroup listings. If your news server requires user/password details, these can now be easily entered.

Another important aspect of DialUp 2 is its behaviour when used on networks. With Broadband becoming popular, lots of people are running small home networks. DialUp 2 allows neat transition between dialup and network internet access, without reboots etc. This makes DialUp 2 ideal if you wish to have a modem backup account for when your broadband is down. Additionally, we have allowed DialUp 2 to interact with Netfetch to smooth transitions between broadband internet access, and modem backup. DialUp also now features an "always online" mode for network/broadband users. Whilst Netfetch remains our recommended tool for this, DialUp's mode will be useful if you regularly need to switch between the two types of connection.

The software is now compliant with the Global Clipboard in all its writable icons. The whole R-Comp internet suite now supports the Global clipboard, making exchange of information between members of the suite smooth and straightforward.

From the Dialling perspective, we've added finer control over timeouts, & support for pulse dialling (aka loop dialling). Rather more interestingly, there's now an option to auto-redial if you get cut off by your internet provider. This won't redial if you click "hangup" yourself, but if your ISP drops you due to inactivity or a 2hour timeout, the software can re-establish a connection if you wish.

Various other aspects of DialUp's behaviour are now customisable - all of these extra options are tucked away in an external program called DialUpXtra. This means that the main DialUp software itself is no more complex than before, indeed, in places we have tried to simplify things further, making it even more, the perfect choice for the new internet user.

We have added special support for users running proxy software such as ImageProxy or WebServe on networks. These programs can run when DialUp loads or connects, and control over whether DialUp prompts before connection is present. Additionally, applications can now be run when DialUp disconnects from the net.

Finally, there have been various updates to the Provider files to cover the various changes to surf-time deals, to Tiscali take-overs and other changes etc..

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