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The BBC Micro Revealed (S/H)

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Product Title: The BBC Micro Revealed (S/H)
Manufacturer/Publisher: Interface Publishing
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Format: Book/Video
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Well thumbed but complete and perfectly usable.

By Jeremy Ruston.
The essential guide for the serious user of the BBC Microcomputer.
If you've mastered the contents of the manual which came with your BBC Microcomputer, and now want to continue your exploration of the computer's functions and capabilities, this book is for you.
Jeremy Ruston, who has spent months delving into the computer's internal operations, reveals a large number of sophisticated techniques to help you improve and develop your programming skills.
Jeremy, a 17-year-old student, has approached the task of deciphering the way the computer works with dogged persistence, and says that every single revelation in this book was discovered by him. That means that everything you'll learn from this book is new.

The BBC Micro Revealed includes:

Details of how to construct your own display modes
A way to scroll the display in any direction - up, down, sideways and even diagonally
A visual analog of the computer's memory transactions
Information on the way in which the computer stores its programs and line numbers
A technique for increasing the speed of your programs by up to 10%
Instructions on how to pass arrays and matrices to user-defined functions and procedures

...and much, much more!

If you're serious about developing your programming skills on the BBC Microcomputer, "The BBC Micro Revealed" is an indispensable aid.

ISBN: 0 907563 15 5

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