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Acorn World 97 Beta CD (S/H)

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Product Title: Acorn World 97 Beta CD (S/H)
Manufacturer/Publisher: Acorn
Stock Code: ACO-BETASH
QuickCode: 19102
Format: Acorn CD
Product Group: Internet Software
Condition: Used
Availability: Usually available from stock

The disc comprises:

ARM: Datasheets and a selection of application notes from ARM. Please read and understand ARM.DISCLAIM . A number of these documents are only available in PDF format (filetype &ADF); you will need to download a copy of a suitable viewer to read these (such as !pdf by Leo Smiers, available from the HENSA and Imperial College ftp archives).

BOOKWORM: !Bookworm file:// URL browser (as shipped on RISC OS 3.7 machines) and HTMLified RISC OS User Guide

CREDITS: A little bit of limelight for the people and companies who directly or indirectly worked on producing this CD.

DIRECTOR: Version 1.3Beta of the Macromedia Director 4 movie player for RISC OS. This includes a separate application, conformant to our browser plugin spec, for rendering Shockwave movies authored with Director 4.


* !Browse: Beta version of Acorn's forthcoming WWW browser. Currently has sufficient plugin support to enable Java to communicate with it via the plugin protocol.

* !Connect: Application to handling ISP dialling and mail / news delivery and collection

* !Installer: Installation app for new modules and resources, including the nested window manager (as also required by Java)

* !Mail: Email client

* !Post_In, !Post_Out: Letterboxes for incoming and outgoing email

* !SerialDev: Blockdrivers for driving the serial port with modems

* !WebCache: Local URL object cache

* !WebServe: Local WWW server

JAVA: Acorn's current beta implementation of Java.

* JAVA061: Java 1.0.2 VM, AWT (this requires the Nested Wimp, qv) and the bytecode interpreter. Regrettably we are unable to supply a source > bytecode compiler or a JIT at this time... also this version of the engine must be copied to a hard disc before being run. In accordance with Sun's licensing conditions, this beta version will cease to work on March 1st 1998.

MANUALS: Spark-archived HTML manuals for the Internet software supplied on this CD.

NEWBOOT: A "universal" boot sequence and disc structure for systems running RISC OS 3.1 to 3.7. The bootstrap for this sequence is included as both !Boot (local hard disc) and !ShareBoot (Access network) variants; you should use whichever is appropriate to your machine and / or network configuration. This sequence also contains the RISC OS 3.1 - softloadable version of the Internet 5 IP stack.

README: You're doing so.

REPLAY3: Multitasking version of Acorn Replay, incorporating new clipping code which allows windows containing running movies to overlap other windows.

* FRONTEND: A small Toolbox-based application which is able to launch up to 6 simultaneous movies (when run on a StrongARM) under Replay 3

* MOVIES: A small selection of sample movies (Copyright Acorn)

* REPLAY: The codecs and players themselves (incorporating documentation)

RESOURCE: Third-party applications required to decompress and render some of the software and documentation on this disc.

* DEARCHIV: Self-extracting copy of David Pilling's !SparkPlug application. When run, it will build a copy of !SparkPlug in the CSD.

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